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Protecting your investment means making sure your newly constructed facility is safe and set up for many years of success and productivity. A third-party independent construction inspection can help you to protect your investment and set your mind at ease that your building or plant is ready to go.Amend Construction & Management  3rd party inspection logo - Full Size

Amend Construction & Management (ACM) is a veteran-owned business serving Kansas City, MO, Shawnee, KS, and Overland Park, KS. The owner, Christian Amend, has 10 years of experience in mechanical engineering, building and designing power plants, and working on nuclear facilities and processes. He and his team are known for their thorough attention to detail, their many years of experience in the construction industry, and their dedication to client satisfaction.  

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The Importance of Third-Party Independent Construction Inspection

Very often, the contractor on a construction job does not have the expertise necessary to perform an inspection. Or, a contract might require an independent inspector to verify the contractor’s work. Whatever the reason a third-party independent construction inspector is called in, he or she must have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your structure will not only be safe but is built so well that future problems are minimal. 

Christian Amend is a licensed engineer with experience working on billion-dollar projects. During a construction inspection you can depend on him for:

  • Quality control, which is an assessment of the overall quality of the project

  • Visual weld inspection, a close inspection of welded parts 

  • Nondestructive testing, a thorough examination of assets 

  • Holiday testing, to test protective coatings to ensure there are no flaws

  • Dye pen testing, to detect cracks, fractures, and other flaws

  • Location and slope measurements, a vital part of the inspection that can help the client to avoid future problems with foundations, surface and subsurface water, and soil 

  • Engineering consultation, which includes expert help on planning, design, and construction

  • Detailed documentation, from the first step to the last, because any third-party inspection must have a well-documented paper trail

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When you are investing your time and money, you want a thorough examination of your new structure, and you want to know of any issues as soon as you possibly can. You can trust the experienced staff at ACM with your third-party independent inspection. Call (913) 353-6869 today!