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ACM is certified by the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants for Radon and Mold

Air Quality/Mold Inspection

The home you have lived in for years is important to you – it’s not just a shelter, it’s a place for you and your family to grow, a place of refuge at the end of the day, and perhaps the place you plan on living out your retirement years. Or maybe you haven’t bought a home just yet, but you have been searching for years and you have finally found it, the home of your dreams that you can’t wait to submit an offer for. Whatever your situation, once you have found “home,” you want to make sure that it continues to be your dream home, with no unpleasant surprises. 


That’s why it is so important to contact an experienced home inspection company like ACM Home Inspection, which serves the Greater Kansas City area. ACM Home Inspection is owned by Christian Amend, a military veteran with a background in engineering and more than 10 years of experience in the inspection field. Past customers can vouch that ACM Home Inspection:  

  • Is dedicated to the customer and their satisfaction
  • Provides honest, unbiased home evaluations 
  • Performs detailed, thorough inspections
  • Doesn’t stop until the job is done, no matter how much checking and rechecking is required
  • Can be relied on to help people make informed and educated decisions about their home and any problems it might have

Why is it so important to have a qualified, honest inspector

In the excitement and chaos of buying a new home, you may think that the inspection is just a formality – but having an experienced and knowledgeable inspector is very important. Scheduling an air quality or mold inspection from ACM Home Inspection will, in the end, save you thousands of dollars and hours and hours of your time, and it can even help to ensure your comfort and your health. To schedule an inspection near Shawnee or Overland Park, KS, call (913) 353-6869 today.
One of the most important things an inspector will check for is the air quality in your home. This includes testing for dust and plant particles, insect fragments, pollen, and fiberglass. A qualified inspector will also check for mold and mold damage. Mold can very easily hide in your home – you may have it and not even know it’s there. Even brand new homes can have mold. It can creep in easily when there is moisture, which can result from construction defects, plumbing problems, poor HVAC filtration, heavy rain or snowstorms, improper insulation, and basement or roof leaks. It can eat away at the materials that make up your home, causing dry rot and warping the walls and the floors. It can ruin cherished family possessions before you even realize it is in your home, and it can cause several serious health issues. 


How is mold dangerous?

Mold can grow anywhere excess water has been left sitting; unfortunately, it thrives in the very temperatures we are comfortable in. It is easy to spot when it is around the bathtub or shower or around your AC unit, but dangerous mold can also easily hide under the carpet, in the walls, in the attic or basement, around the water heater, and in the ceiling, just to name a few of the places it can be found.

Mold goes to work quickly, too, multiplying and producing spores in as little as 24 hours and projecting these spores into the air of your home. It can be dangerous to touch items with mold on them, but even breathing in mold is dangerous. It creates unhealthy air, and breathing it for too long can eventually cause various health problems. Dangerous mold types include AspergillusPenicilliumTrichodermaStachybotrys, and more. If you have a hidden mold problem, you and your family may notice:  

  • Sudden asthma attacks, asthma that has gotten worse, or other respiratory problems
  • Allergic reactions
  • A burning sensation or a rash on the skin
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Fatigue
Health problems can be even more serious for children and people with compromised immune systems, who may develop what is known as “opportunistic infections” – this means that mold increases the risk of lung, skin, eye, and other types of infections in people with weakened immune systems.

What Will a Mold Inspector Do?

Christian Amend of ACM Home Inspection performs home inspections and also specializes in mold testing for your home, whether you have lived there for years or you are just considering a home purchase.

ACM Home Inspection is certified by the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants, and Christian has been trained and educated by PRO-LAB, an American Industrial Hygiene Association accredited laboratory. He will take a control air sample outside and one air sample per 1,000 square feet within your home, ensuring that air from every part of your home is tested so that you’ll know exactly where the mold is located, even if it is invisible to the naked eye. He will also collect a sample from any mold that is visible. The samples are tested to determine what kind of mold is in your home, and the results are quick and accurate – all for $300 and up.

It is important to know that mold can be removed – you don’t have to reject your dream home before you even buy it because mold has been found, and you don’t have to move out of the home you love because of it. A mold inspection will let you know what kind of mold you have, where it is, and what you will need to do to take care of it. Taking care of it as soon as you discover it means a healthier family, a home safe from damaging mold, and the removal of a potentially devastating problem before it gets even more serious (and expensive).

Your home is, most likely, the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. Don’t leave it to chance. Your investment, your possessions, your health, and your happiness depend on knowing what lurks behind those walls. If you are buying a new home, or think you might have a mold problem in a home you’ve lived in for years, a mold inspection can reveal a problem, or it can set your mind at ease. With all of the problems mold can cause, it is important to call someone you can trust if you think you might have mold in your home. To schedule an air quality or mold inspection near Shawnee or Overland Park, KS, call (913) 353-6869 today.

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