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Owning a home is a big responsibility – it seems like there is always something that can go wrong. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone to help you determine what kind of shape your home is in, what kinds of problems it has, and what repairs your energy and your money should go to first? You need someone who isn’t afraid to crawl through your attic (and other tight spots), someone who is experienced enough to know what to look for, and someone who is thorough enough to not miss anything. The team at ACM Home Inspection can help, with a home maintenance inspection at your Kansas City area home!

Similar to a home inspection, a home maintenance inspection is completed with the current homeowner. During a home maintenance inspection, we are not afraid to dig deeper to make sure everything is in tip-top shape – we even use the latest thermal imaging and moisture detection technology to check for problems within your walls. Let ACM Home Inspection of Shawnee, KS help get your home improvement list prioritized! Next time you're looking for an inspection company that puts you first, remember us -- we're also available for your emergency calls! 

Call us 7 days a week at (913) 353-6869 for a free quote or to set up your home inspection. After all, homes need constant work to keep them in good shape, for your safety, happiness, and comfort. ACM Home Inspection can help with:

HVAC System and Filters

Some filters are reusable, while others are disposable and must be replaced. It is important to clean or replace your filters because when filters are dirty your system has to work harder, which can cause damage and increase your utility bills. Dirty filters also don’t filter out contaminants as well as clean ones can, which means these contaminants are released back into the air you are breathing in your home.  We will check the heat distribution throughout the home and advise if the system should be serviced by a licensed HVAC technician.

Look for Leaks in Kitchen and Bath Areas

Any sign of moisture where it shouldn't be is a reason to investigate further. Even a tiny leak can end up wasting a lot of water and raising your water bill. But even worse, it can cause a lot of damage to your home. Water from leaks can damage your attic, ceiling, and walls – and there may be even worse damage to the inner structure of your home. Leaks can also ruin your family possessions, and the mold that results can damage not only your home and your possessions but your health. We check faucets, sink drains, toilets, dishwashers, and refrigerators for any signs of leaks. 

Inspect Grout and Caulking

Grout and caulking that is degraded and cracking is a very common problem in homes. Caulking/Grout breaking down around bathroom fixtures, windows and window trim is also a common problem that can lead to excessive moisture penetration.  We’ll let you know if your grout or caulk needs repair or replacing. New grout or caulk will not only help your home look newer, but it will also protect the trim, paint, flooring/subfloors, and the inside of your walls from water damage.  Repair of water damage and mold growth, caused by moisture accumulation, which is not readily visible, can end up being quite expensive. 

Check Bathroom and Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation 

Your exhaust ventilation systems are important. In the bathroom, this system prevents moisture from building up and damaging walls and floors. In the kitchen, it sucks up smoke, odors, and steam from your stove to keep the air in your kitchen clean, and it also helps to protect the walls of your kitchen from grease and steam. A clean kitchen filter protects your home from any harmful air pollutants that may come from your stove or oven, keeps food odors from permeating the rest of your home, and protects your home from smoke, which may be trapped in your kitchen if the filter is so dirty it can’t escape. If you own a home, your exhaust ventilation systems are probably the last thing on your mind! But they serve a very important purpose, for your safety and comfort. ACM Home Inspection will ensure these areas are ventilated to the exterior and functioning properly. Consider looking at the vent hood filter more often if you have an avid chef in the household! 

Test For Carbon Monoxide

Almost every homeowner knows how important it is to have a smoke detector, but a carbon monoxide detector is just as important. Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous gas that can come from a furnace, a dryer, or a fireplace that isn’t working properly. Unfortunately, this deadly gas is also colorless and odorless, and thus it is very hard to detect carbon monoxide in your home. 

A carbon monoxide detector will go off when it senses any carbon monoxide in the air, and it is important for you and your family to get out as soon as it does. Experts recommend carbon monoxide alarms should be placed on every level of your home in common rooms, such as the living room and den. In addition to a monthly test, Consumer Reports recommends you change your batteries every six months. Make a habit of changing the batteries when you change your clocks during Daylight Savings Time. 

Check Exterior

Over time, every house will shift and settle a bit, and this can cause issues such as your doors and windows not shutting properly and even cracks in the foundation. And, due to weather or the effects of normal aging, gutters, drainpipes, siding and vents can become warped and damaged –In addition to an inspection inside your home, we will do a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home to look for any problems out there as well. ACM Home Inspection will get on top of your home to check the gutters and the roof and to check for any exposed/rusty nail heads and granular degradation.  

Electrical Panel Inspection

Having an electrical problem isn’t just a hassle – it can be dangerous or even deadly. ACM Home Inspection will check for hazardous panels, unprofessional repairs, double-tapped breakers, solid-core aluminum wiring, and other potentially dangerous problems.

Attic Insulation and Ventilation

The attic of your home performs a vital function and is where several issues could exist that are “out of sight, out of mind”.  We will get in there and let you know if there are any existing conditions that could or should be corrected. The level of insulation is important and proper ventilation is of utmost importance. The lack of good ventilation can lead to excessive moisture collection in your attic that may leak down to the ceiling and be a place for mold to grow. The attic is the perfect place for mold to hide – and you want to make sure you catch it before it gets out of control. Exhaust vents from moist areas of your home should always be vented to the exterior, ducting that terminates in the attic can also lead to excessive moisture in the space.

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There is always something to do if you own a home. Let ACM Home Inspection help you to prioritize your to-do list and keep your home in good shape, with an inspection that will find any issues your home may have – including minor problems that might turn into major issues! Call us today to schedule your Kansas City-area residential home maintenance inspection! Call (913) 353-6869 today.