Home Warranties Options

Home Warranty and Home Inspections in Kansas CityMany are going through the process of purchasing a home. No matter if it’s the planning, budgeting, looking and going to open houses, or already signing the contract stage. Thinking about the hidden costs of a home it’s really important so you can plan and budget accordingly.

Homeownership does come with a new set of responsibilities. Initial costs can look like paint, cosmetic changes to the home or even remodeling. But also keep in mind those long-term costs that can come years after the home purchase. 

At ACM Home Inspection, we offer Home Maintenance which can help you find issues early. Without home maintenance, repairs will come up more often. This is why home warranties have been a great tool for homeowners to keep their homes protected when issues occur. Policies can vary but most of them cover major home systems like HVAC, plumbing and electrical. Before making a decision, shop around and check different quotes and coverage that home warranty can provide. 

ACM Home Inspection can help. We’re not afraid of going behind walls or crawling underneath houses, and we don’t stop until the job is finished! Call us today at (913) 353-6869 for a free quote or to set up your home maintenance inspection, or schedule an inspection online. 

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