Why Do I Need a Maintenance Inspection?

Home Inspections don’t have to be performed just when selling or buying a home. After only 2 to 3 years of living in a home, there are several items that need to be maintained. At ACM Home Inspections, we recommend one-to-two home maintenance inspections a year. Here are just a few of the items we check:


The HVAC should be serviced twice a year to make sure it will last as long as it can and the filter should be changed even more frequently so there isn’t added resistance on the system.

VegetationHome Maintenance - Vegitation Touching House- ACM Home Inspections

ACM Home Inspections’ will take a look at vegetation around your house to ensure it isn’t getting too close for comfort as tree branches can cause serious damage to the roof and siding. Vegetation will also cause moisture to be trapped against the siding and trim leading to premature rotting and breakdown paint.  Earth-to-wood contact will also cause deck posts and other materials to break down faster than they should. 


Gutters should be cleaned once a year to make sure they aren’t restricted as they can back up and be a source of moisture entering your home.

Home Maintenance Inspection

With the proper maintenance, every home can last 100 years.  If homes are not maintained properly they can start to deteriorate after only a few years.  It is just like changing the oil on your car or even the wiper blades. How often do you take your car in for something only to find out that more items are in need of repair?  Your house is the same way, you just get used to seeing the same thing every day and do not put on your inspector’s eyes. Let ACM Home Inspections of Shawnee, KS check all of the items that we do when you’re buying a home and let you know what it will take to make it last for as long as you expect it to. 

ACM does a maintenance inspection and checks all the same things as a regular home inspection or you can break it up into a twice a year plan and we can set you up on a recurring schedule. 

ACM has a huge network of vetted industry professionals and we can provide recommendations of trusted professionals. Don’t trust the big online referral companies that “advise” on home repairs.  They are just full of companies that are paying to advertise. The best home repair companies aren’t even out on those sites because they are so busy! ACM will point you in the right direction and can even manage the repairs for you! We can help by scheduling and keeping track of subcontractors and verify the job is done right.

Even if you are great at taking care of some of the easier items like HVAC and exterior how often do you get up on the roof and verify a tree hasn’t already torn a shingle or that hail hasn’t created a large hole in your roof.  That is what we are here for.  ACM Home Inspections will get in areas that you don’t want to or haven’t been in years like the attic.  How many times do people go into their own attic and check to see if there is sufficient ventilation?  Is there any mold up there?  We will let you know and tell you how to make your home safe.

Contact ACM Home Inspection

At ACM Home Inspection our job is to make sure your home is safe and properly maintained.  Give us a call today (913) 353-6869 to set up your maintenance inspection or plan.  We can set you up on a twice a year plan and you won’t have to worry about issues in your home again. 

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