Amend Construction & Management 3rd Party Independent Construction Inspector

The expert eye of a third-party independent construction inspector can provide peace of mind to everyone involved in a construction project.

After years of performing construction inspections for some of the largest contractors in the world, Christian Amend and the staff at Amend Construction & Management (ACM) are using their skills to keep watch on your project. They will partner with you to make sure quality requirements are met and that the project is staying on schedule and under budget. A qualified engineer will be assigned to perform assessments of the work quality and processes on your projects.Amend Construction & Management 3rd party inspection logo - Full Size

Why choose Amend Construction & Management?

Christian Amend, the owner of Amend Construction & Management (ACM), prides himself on his dedication to customer satisfaction and on providing clients with honest and detailed evaluations. He is a military veteran with 10 years of experience as a mechanical engineer and construction inspector, providing oversight for heavy construction contractors. 

If you need a proven, reliable, third-party independent construction inspector in Kansas City, MO, Shawnee, KS, and Overland Park, KS, call ACM at (913) 353-6869

Why hire a third-party independent construction inspector? 

Very often, a contract will require an independent inspector to verify a contractor’s work, or a contractor won’t have the expertise needed for such an inspection. A third-party independent inspector has the knowledge and experience to conduct these inspections, with the goal of protecting the builder’s investment and minimizing future problems. 

What will a construction inspector do? 

The staff at ACM does everything from visual testing to working with specialized tools to complete the inspection. They primarily focus on mechanical installations and piping, but in addition, they provide: Amend Construction & Management 3rd party inspection services - Kansas

  • Quality control

  • Visual weld inspection

  • Nondestructive testing

  • Holiday testing

  • Dye pen testing

  • Construction observation

  • Location and slope measurements

  • Engineering consultation

  • Accurate and thorough documentation of the inspection

Call to learn more about Amend Construction & Management’s Services

So many things can go wrong in the construction of a new building – third-party independent inspectors such as Christian Amend and the staff at ACM have the know-how and the experience to keep a mistake from becoming a disaster. Call Amend Construction & Management today, at (913) 353-6869, for a third-party independent construction inspection.