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Home inspections are our main service. We ensure that you will find the highest quality in Kansas City. We provide roofing, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and other inspection services with in-depth reporting for all kinds of home issues. We utilize the latest technology, including thermal imaging and video walk through to help provide a worry-free home purchase and peace of mind that the home you select is safe and free of major damage. Next time you're looking for an inspection company that puts you first, remember us -- we're also available for your emergency calls! 

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Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

If you are buying a home, we are your top choice for a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection. The inspection is a visual inspection of the structure by our team who is trained and has experience in evaluating all the components of a house giving you a CLEAR picture with onsite reporting of the condition of the home.


Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Are you selling your home? A Pre-Listing Inspection is for sellers who are about to put their home on the market. This is a service that will provide the seller with a complete inspection of the home so they know the condition of the home BEFORE it's on the market. It will give the seller peace of mind because they already have the issues they wish to resolve corrected.

New Construction Inspections

New construction of a home doesn't always mean it's perfect. Builders make mistakes, too! Our home inspection team in Shawnee, KS checks for the builder's mistakes and makes sure no shortcuts were taken. We inspect the home with independent, third party eyes and ensure that the electrical, plumbing, etc. is correct prior to moving your family into the new home. 

Structural Pest Control

Structural pest inspections are sometimes required for VA and FHA loans. Our home inspection team gets in the crawl space and looks for evidence of termites and other pests. This is an extra certification we have over many other home inspectors in the Lenexa, Overland Park and Shawnee, KS. To learn more, click here. 


Radon Testing

Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas. You cannot see or smell it but it still may be a problem in your home. We encourage any type of inspection to add on radon-testing. Johnson County has more that 40% of houses that are over the 4pCi/l level. To learn more, click here

We Inspect

  • Interior Home

  • Plumbing

  • Roof

  • Structural

  • Termite

  • Wall

  • Window

  • Door

  • Electrical System

  • Exterior Home

  • Floor

  • Foundation

  • Fireplace

  • Furnace

  • Attic

  • Basement

  • Crawlspace

  • Ceiling

  • Central AC System

  • Heating System

  • Insulation

Contracting Services

  • Construction

  • Quality Control

  • Project Scheduling

  • Mechanical Systems

  • General Contracting

Call us today at (913) 353-6869 for a free quote or to set up your home inspection. 


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