Home Warranties Options

Many are going through the process of purchasing a home. No matter if it’s the planning, budgeting, looking and going to open houses, or already signing the contract stage. Thinking about the hidden costs of a home it’s really important so you can plan and budget accordingly. Homeownership does come with a new set of…

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Top 5 things to prepare your home for winter

Top 5 Things to Prepare Your Kansas City-area Home For Winter 1 – Clean the gutters (great to do when putting up lights) This is an important step before winter as it will improve the drainage for winter weather.  Water and snow will be less likely to accumulate and freeze in the gutters if they…

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Why Do I Need a Maintenance Inspection?

Home Inspections don’t have to be performed just when selling or buying a home. After only 2 to 3 years of living in a home, there are several items that need to be maintained. At ACM Home Inspections, we recommend one-to-two home maintenance inspections a year. Here are just a few of the items we…

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Why do Kansas City area homebuyers need a home inspection? 

ACM Home Inspection is the partner of the home buyer ensuring the value for money in one of their biggest investments. ACM Inspection knows that buying a house is a big deal. This is a place where you are likely to spend more than 50% of your time and maybe even raise a family. We…

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Choosing a Home Inspector in Shawnee, KS

Check List for Home Maintenance - ACM Home Inspections

Home inspections are extremely important. Your home is, most likely, the biggest investment you’ll ever make, and you need to know – before all the papers are signed – if that home is full of problems that will end up costing you a lot of money and taking up a lot of your time. A…

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What Should I Know About My Home Inspection?

Magnifying glass to your home - Home Inspection in Shawnee, KS

You have just found out that the offer on your dream home has been accepted. It is a very exciting time! Before you start picking out paint colors and new furniture, though, don’t forget the home inspection – a very important step to take before the sale is finalized. You should have your home inspected…

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